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Who We Are

A support group held to create space and build community for women who have or are experiencing infertility, pregnancy or infant loss. Dr. Sydney partners with another member of the community to bring a sense of healing for women along their journey.

We meet once a month in person at Evolve Health & Wellness in Charlotte, North Carolina - with the option to attend virtually depending on the service being offered. Groups are held on a Thursday evening each month beginning at 7pm EST.

If you have experienced infertility, miscarriage or infant loss, we have space for you. It doesn't matter if it was last month, last year or years ago. You are welcome to gain support, community and healing with us.


February Partner

Lindsey Mann 


Lindsey is a natural healer. Her spiritual healing journey began after she discovered her intuitive abilities while providing hospice care and making a big move to North Carolina from Massachusetts. She started taking courses, attended workshops, traveled the world and became certified in different alternative & holistic healing modalities. Lindsey brings her intuitive gifts and holistic healing wisdom to her sessions and classes. Her strong connection to the other side and the spirit realm assists in guiding her clients to live a life of purpose and joy by tuning in to their own energetic vibration and healing from the inside out. She believes everyone has the ability to meditate and create their own unique practice to stabilize their nervous system and connect with their highest self.

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