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Chiropractic & Oral Ties

How are chiropractic care and oral ties connected?

It's about tone and the nervous system!

The biggest source of tension in the body is a stressed out nervous system. When the brain isn’t able to communicate well with the rest of the body, it goes into a mode of protection (what we call a sympathetic state), causing our body to tense up. This tension interferes with SO many bodily functions, as our main focus becomes fighting stress and not supporting things like movement, digestion, rest and growth. 

One of many ways that tension may be exhibited in the body is by the presence of what we call an oral tie - with more specific names indicating the location (i.e. tongue tie, lip tie, buccal tie). The presence of oral ties can cause numerous problems for both baby and mom, including breastfeeding difficulties, uncomfortable latch, trouble eating and speaking, poor sleep quality, reflux, constipation, crowding in the mouth, and impaired motion of the head and neck. If left untreated, these issues may progress into more serious issues in adulthood.

Chiropractic care is an important part of proper treatment and management for children and individuals with oral ties. Chiropractic adjustments help to remove stress on the brain and body that allows a release of tension within various areas of the nervous system.

During an assessment at Evolve, we will uncover answers to questions like:

  • Is your baby able to turn their head evenly to nurse on both sides?

  • Are the palate, cranial bones and jaw aligned properly?

  • Does your baby have all of the proper reflexes to allow for a successful latch, suckle and swallow (i.e. rooting reflex, sucking reflex, tongue thrust?)

  • Is your baby holding onto restrictions in their fascia?

Some babies when treated with regular chiropractic care paired with occupational therapy (OT) and craniosacral therapy (CST) may find resolution of their symptoms and difficulties without needing to release oral ties. If a tie is released, musculature in the mouth, jaw, neck and shoulders can shift. It’s important to give the body the best (and most relaxed) environment to heal, so that the changes following are positive ones. Regardless of which route you take, chiropractic care is an essential part of the well rounded management for the best long-term outcomes.

Benefits of chiropractic care for babies with oral ties include:

  • Reduced body tension

  • Improved range of motion of the head, neck, jaw, mouth and tongue

  • Better ability to latch and feed

  • Greater comfort for mom and baby while feeding

  • Better sleep

  • Enhanced digestion

  • Stronger immunity

What to Expect:

The first visit usually lasts about an hour and consists of a new patient exam & consultation, as well as the first adjustment.

Adjustments for babies and newborns look completely different from adult adjustments and are very safe, gentle and non-invasive. We begin by using the pressure you would use to check an avocado for ripeness and gradually increase from there based on age, size and skeletal maturity. No pops, cracks or twists!

Why Choose Us?

As a family owned practice, nothing means more to us than knowing every member of the family is well cared for - including the little ones! Dr. Lindsay Peterson and Dr. Sydney Fenton both have extensive training in caring for pediatric (and prenatal) populations.

Want to Learn More?

Follow us on Instagram (@evolvehealthclt) or contact us directly to connect with one of our doctors.

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